vCIO Tools to Supercharge your Account Management Team

vCIOToolbox helps you build better relationships with your clients through winning strategic meetings and Quarterly Business Reviews!

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vCIOToolbox Process Wheel

We invented the wheel
so you don’t have too!

We deliver you the process and platform so you can get started quickly and easily.

Our platform helps you in creating and delivering standard QBR materials to all of your clients.  As a result, using our library of IT Review Checklist templates we help you map your review to the client contract and create your meeting deliverable quickly and easily.

Our client strategy tool helps you get in the mind of your customer and make IT recommendations that supports their organziational goals. Furthermore, the recommendations engine ties proposed solutions to the asset of impact and the business goal or challenge your cusotmer is facing.

Templates, yes we may have a few:)

No Templates, No Problem we have flexible templates to meet almost every need

One of the biggest barriers TSP’s have when launching a vCIO or Business Review program is creating templates.

What questions should we ask?

Is this meeting compliance requirements?

What should be included in our review?

We take the guesswork out of the process and help you get started quickly providing your over 200 business review standards, and over 2,000 across all assesment types.

All of our templates are easy to customize, ensuring your always have control of the content you share with your client.

The vCIOToolbox Value Ladder

So what’s under the hood?

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Business Insights

Collaborate with your clients to build your strategic plan.

Template Library

Pre-built IT review templates make assessments easy.

Global Calendaring

Schedule your meetings in advance and track status of each event.

Client Strategy

Formalize the strategic plan and align projects to key iniatives and goals.

Integrated Survey System

Easily conduct custom surveys or poll your clients for CSAT or NPS

Technology Roadmap

Lay out your action plan showing projects with full and complete budgets.

Recommendations Engine

Industry standard recommendations at your fingertips

Report Designer

Build custom reports in your brand using our data elements to create amazing documents.

vCIOToolbox University

A easy to use learning platform that guides your through every facet of vCIOToolbox.


Visibility through key metrics for your clients, vCIO’s, and Enterprise.

Integrates with Popular MSP PSA’s

vCIOToolbox integrates with ConnectWise Manage and Autotask PSA. Check back each quarter to learn about more integrations with best of breed MSP applications.

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Kaseya BMS Summer 2020

vCIOToolbox has cut days of effort building our packs for client reviews, brought structure with the schedule builder, and elevated the conversations with clients.

We now have a structured, client-centric, profitable vCIO process driving revenue and mitigating risk for our clients. We’re delighted to be rid of our excel sheets!

Peter Strahan

Director , Lantech

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Peter Strahan Lantech