vCIOToolbox Features

vCIOToolbox helps you build better relationships with your clients through winning strategic meetings and Quarterly Business Reviews!

vCIOToolbox University provides detailed blueprints to help you define your vCIO practice standard process and operating procedures

We bring structure to the QBR prep process

Our platform helps you in creating and delivering standard QBR materials to all of your clients.  As a result, using our library of IT Review Checklist templates we help you map your review to the client contract and create your meeting deliverable quickly and easily.

Our client strategy tool helps you get in the mind of your customer and make IT recommendations that supports their organziational goals. Furthermore, the recommendations engine ties proposed solutions to the asset of impact and the business goal or challenge your cusotmer is facing.

Quickly Get Started with Pre-built IT Review Templates

We know that time is money for a service provider.  To help you get up and running quickly, we have created a pre-built IT Review template library that includes checklists for servers, network, security, and much more.

These templates help you save time in delivering a client review and these templates can be customized to meet your companies individual needs.

Customizable Pre-Built IT Review Checklists

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

vCIO Toolbox provides you with features transform your QBR’s from tactical review sessions to strategic sessions their whole team will rally around.

Business Insights

Customized, branded business insight questionnaires can be sent to clients prior to the QBR. This will help you get a better understanding of how they value technology and the goals and challenges they are facing.

Template Library

Pre-built IT review templates make assessments a snap. Our customizable templates cover topics including Infrastructure, Security, and Policies and include Standard Best Practices


Global Calendaring

We integrated a global calendar to track all scheduled QBR’s and their prep status.  Additionally, system automation notifies your resources of prep assignments via a calendar invite that can easily be converted to a Connectwise or Autotask ticket.

Client Strategy

The vCIOToolbox client strategy module allows for easy tracking of your progress towards a customers business and IT goals. An easy to read dashboard presents progress at each QBR.

Technology Roadmap

Recommendations drive the technology roadmap assigning both an implementation timeline and budgetary numbers.  Roadmaps can be created to support up to a 5-year technology plan.

Recommendations Engine

The vCIOToolbox IT Review checklists have pre-built recommendations for underperforming services.  Use our recommendations or create your own and map to assets and goals.

Report Designer

The report designer allows you to provide data to your customer in a way that supports your QBR objectives.  Choose what data to include in your reports and create custom options for each client.  Modify headings and introduction.

vCIOToolbox University

A comprehensive training system that provides a course on developing your vCIO program,  including how to conduct a meeting and how to use the software.  Finally blueprints help you quickly get your team integrated into the QBR process.


A comprehensive dashboard tracks each client QBR through the meeting process from creation tho delivery.  The key metrics include risk, vulnerability and best practice scores which are presented visually,


Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Get feedback from your clients between business reviews and identify at-risk relationships earlier.  Our CSATPro module allows you to conduct NPS surveys and create custom satisfaction surveys from within the platform enriching the overall insights founde within the system.

Integrates with Popular MSP PSA’s

vCIOToolbox integrates with ConnectWise Manage and Autotask PSA. Check back each quarter to learn about more integrations with best of breed MSP applications.

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