IT Business Reviews (QBR) Made Easy

vCIO software and solutions that help MSP’s and IT Consultants get more strategic. The result is an amazing Managed Service Business Review that delivers a plan to get better business outcomes for your clients.



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Why you need vCIOToolbox

We provide vCIO software that drives a roadmap to IT success by eliminating the guesswork and unnecessary cost.

vCIOToolbox was made with strategy in mind.  Whether you are a Technology Service Provider (TSP) or an Independent Consultant. every business needs a way to manage the big picture.

Our vCIO Software platform provides you with the tools to reach your goal. Furthermore, we provide the vCIO training to help you build a winning process.

Create an incredible customer experience and build stronger relationships with your clients using vCIOToolbox. In other words, become the IT consultant they can’t live without!

The Perfect Technology Business Review 

Step 1 - Define Client Strategy

Understand the business goals driving your client’s organization. Also, identifiy the challenges they are facing in their key drivers.

Leverage vCIOToolbox help you create an IT Strategy Plan that aligns their business to the technology they use.

Step 2 - Conduct an IT Review

Create a vCIO program to conduct a full audit of the client’s environment and system performance.

Use this data to identify areas of concern in your clients technology.  Build recommendations that help solve those probelms.

Step 3 - Develop a Technology Roadmap

Build a 3 to 5-year dynamic technology roadmap for your client.

Our roadmap module helps you develop budgets, delivery timelines and track client approvals.  We use this tool to map progress against the strategic plan.

We help you get results your customer can see

Our vCIO Software platform provides you with the tools to drive better outcomes for your client.  The platform guides you through a process that creates amazing QBR’s and strategic meeting experineces.

We align IT recommendations to your clients goals and challenges driving positive results.  This shows a client where your services directly impact the business and supporting their key initiatives.

The PowerQBR Formula Blueprint

The #1 reason QBR’s fail? No defined process.

The PowerQBR Forumula Blueprint outlines a simple six step process to get the right people in the room and set an agenda to hold incredible Quarterly Business Reviews that drive results for your clients.

Streamline QBR Prep

For many TSP’s, MSP’s, and IT Consultants, the QBR lacks a formal structure and inconsistent reports.  vCIOToolbox is an MSP software helps you create high-quality meeting materials that focus on strategy, budget, security, compliance gaps, and project timelines.

Built-in workflows help you assign tasks to your team and track the progress of those assignments.   Recommendations driven  by client goals ensures the whole team is working form the same playbook and eliminating guesswork.

vCIO Tools includes customizable reports and a meeting display view that keeps the entire room engaged. In additoin, it creates a consistent meeting to meeting experience.

Align your Customer Business and IT Goals and Track Progress

Build a Strategic Account Management program

The goal of the QBR is to drive strategic alignment with your client.  A Technology Business Review is a focused meeting where you go in-depth into the customers Business Goals and Challenges to make recommendations that matter.

A regular cadence (Quarterly, Bi-Annually, or Annually) of strategic QBR’s focused on the customers’ needs will strengthen the service providers position as a “trusted advisor” reducing the risk of customer attrition.

Streamline Your Sales Process and Shorten Sales Cycles

The fact is a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is not only a meeting to review technology performance. Above all, it serves as a chance to identify new business opportunities for your company.

A well-organized QBR run by a professional vCIO can drive new business without being “salesey“.

vCIOToolbox provides you with the vCIO training and tools to increase profits and shorten sales cycles. In conclusion, it lowers your MSP’s cost of sales acquisition.

The Technology Roadmap tool helps identify new opportunity

Gather actionable customer satisfaction insights from your clients

You Can’t Fix What You Can’t Measure

The goal of every MSP is to deliver exceptional customer service.  A statisfied customer builds loyalty with your clients and helps drive long term client retention.

Leverage vCIOToolbox to reach out to your clients and confirm that they are happy and satisified with your service.  Our CSAT module allow you to send out surveys that will let you know if your relationship is strong or if you may be at-risk.

If you want to know who are your raving fans, use our Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to understand who may introduce you to new business.  Our NPS surveys are a simple way to identify your biggest supporters.


Driving Win-Win Outcomes

“…we have sold solutions that we didn’t even think about because we did not ask the right questions.  Thank you very much vCIOToolbox!

Kris Granger, vCIO, Adept Solutions