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The PowerQBR Formula!

A simple 6-step QBR process that delivers increased customer loyalty and more profit for you!


The PowerQBR Formula helps you deliver better strategic client meetings.  We help you standardize your approach to each meeting, create a focused meeting deliverable, and build a three-year Technology Roadmap. 

Turn those tactical, unstructured, boring QBR’s into strategic sessions that all stakeholders attend!

Strategic Meetings Done Right!


This process will help you create a win-win meeting for you and your client.  No more boring data heavy IT Reviews or customer complaint sessions. The PowerQBR Formula puts you in the driver seat and positions you as their trusted advisor.


The blueprint shows you how to set the meeting expectation and goals so you maintain control of the QBR, We do this through a defined collaborative meeting preparation effort that includes your client.


The PowerQBR helps your team create a standardized meeting deliverable that keeps your meeting focused on strategy. We present and IT Review, recommendation, and develop a Technology Roadmap.

Take Action

Immediately take action on all tickets, proposals, and follow up items created during the session.  Our process will allow you to respond quickly and show the value of your organization beyond IT Support services and begin serving as a strategic advisor.

Six Easy Steps to an amazing customer experience!

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