vCIOToolbox Plans

We provide flexible vCIO software pricing plans to meet the budget of independent consultants and IT solution providers, no matter your size.  Furthermore, our plans allow you to build your program allowing you to scale over time as you build your managed services business.

Go Annual and Save 10%

vCIOToolbox annual subscriptions include a 10% immediate discount

Professional Services

Launch your Program Quickly!

An in-depth 10 week program where our team helps you and your team build and launch your vCIO/QR program.  

We help you develop the vision for your program.  Also, we train you on the PowerQBR process and how to implement it into yur strategic client mamangement program.

Milestone dates drive accountibility and help your team get out meeting with clients and driving win-win business outcomes.

One on One Consulting Call

Have a specific issue that you are challenged by?  Need some help in developing your program?  Looking for help in your on-site meeting approach?

Schedule a one on one call with our co-founder, Brian Doyle, and get on the right track.  In each call we review the challenge and put a plan together on your approach.

Included in the call is a follow up contact on any action items from the call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read some of the most common questions asked of the vCIOToolbox support staff. Also, if you have questions or concerns beyond what is listed in the FAQ’s, please send us a note by clicking here

How will I be billed?

vCIOToolbox is a monthly subscription with no long-term contracts therefore credit card will be billed monthly until you cancel.

If you prefer to be billed on an annual basis we offer a 10% discount on that subscription package.

Is there a limit to users within my company?

No, you can enable access without restriction. The goal of vCIOToolbox is to make QBR/IT Review prep as easy and collaborative as possible.

To accommodate, there are no limits on internal users. Hence, you can add or delete users with no impact on billing and without any wait.

What is an active client?

An active client is classified as a client that has a review in progress or has had completed meetings with archived reports.  We import all your customers through our  Connectwise integration for your convenience and only track active accounts.

Can I customize your IT Review templates?

Yes, we have provided you with a library of IT Review templates that can be added to any client.  It is our goal is to get you up and running immediately so you can start meeting with your clients.

These templates can be used as-is or customized to meet your individual contracts.  Similarly, you can also add new templates easily and quickly.

Can I create an opportunity from the recommendations made within vCIOToolbox?

Absolutely, via the Connectwise integration, you can create opportunities from your recommendations.  We advise as a best practice to create a new status for vCIOToolbox. This allows new QBR opportunities to be tracked separately from the active sales funnel until the recommendation is ready for sale.

What is included in the one-time setup fee?

We provide implementation services that include an onboarding manager and video based training, Additionally, we also provide monthly office hours and unlimited email support.

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