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vCIOToolBox RampCamp

Helping Managed Service Providers (MSP) accelerate the rollout of their strategic vCIO program.

Build Confidence & Loyalty with Clients

Have you ever lost a customer and wondered why?  It is usually because your MSP did not spend enough time helping solve your customer business problems.  MSP’s are often viewed as a commodity vendor.

Our goal is to create amazing customer relationships.  We do this by better understanditng the goals and challenges our customer faces everyday and we align solutons to solve those problems.

Stop Procrastinating, Start Moving

Most QBR programs start quickly and then fade away.  This is because it takes work to develop a standardized process and quality QBR materials.

The vCIOToolbox Ramp Camp helps MSP’s get focused and get moving.  This results in happier customers, less client attrition, and shorter sales cycles…driving more profit!

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your MSP’s Full Potential. Become the Trusted Advisor Clients Can’t Live Without!

What can a vCIO RampCamp Program do for you?  We can help you take your enterprise from where it is now to where you want it to be. The right platform and process can help you retain more clients, become more strategically aligned with their goals, and drive more profit into your business. We jointly develop a process to integrate into your company and keep you accountable for reaching your goals.

As your program partner we are your advisor, cheerleader, and supporter. Together, we build clarity about your program goals and create a vision for how to implement the vCIO program into your business. The right coach also challenges you to develop in new and exciting ways, realize your full potential, and unlock the potential of your company.

Effective strategic skills and increased self-confidence in delivering QBR's

A higher degree of influence and better negotiation skills within the QBR setting.

Improved authority and credibility with your clients

Stronger relationships with your clients

Better client retention

Business and revenue growth

A process for overall continuous service improvement

Standardized consistent reports to support the QBR program

Goal Setting

We jointly develop the vision for your Virtual CIO Program and identify your successful business outcomes.

Process Integration

We help you integrate this process into your existing business flow.  We identify all key players and definetheir role.


Define Business Review Content

We customize all IT Review assesement questions and develop customized reports to meet the needs of each client

Resource Coaching

Prior to any onsite business review our consultant will review all reports and coach on approach to drive winning outcomes.

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How Does the

Program Work?

At the heart of any coaching relationship is trust and communication. 

In a series of one-to-one meetings via video conference, a program leader works with you to identify and focus on our defined goals and overcome barriers to program implementation and change.

The program is based on the implementation of the PowerQBR Formula developed by vCIOToolbox Co-Founder Brian Doyle.

In our first full coaching session, we will establish
  • Your vision for your business and how a vCIO program will fit into that vision.
  • Your financial or business objectives for implementing a vCIO program
  • Your client outcome objectives of your vCIO program.
  • Your communication objectives for us within the program.
Our objective as your program leader are to help you:
  • Understand and optimize integration of this program into your business.
  • Understand and improve your client relationships.
  • Understand and address challenges you face day to day with your MSP clients
  • Build on your company strengths and improve on areas of difficulty
  • Achieve your program goals and objectives and integrate the process within the 12 week program
We define and customize all QBR materials
  • A custom implementation plan with measurable actions and a map for success so we can each hold each other accountable.
  • Benchmarks for program development as they relate to your program goals and objectives
  • An implementation plan with weekly accountability reviews.
  • Configuration of vCIOPro to support the program

Our Head Coach

A proven leader of a number of successful startup and emerging growth companies, Brian Doyle spent 18 years in the Managed Services industry leveraging strategic account managment is the key to his success.

In developing the RampCamp program Brian combines the basic principles found in his PowerQBR Formula the unique needs of each business he coaches.  No two programs are exactly alike.

Together he and his RampCamper’s build an approach that creates win-win outcomes for his clients and their managed clients and improving their overall cusotmer satsifaction and experience.

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We have engaged Brian on a number of projects in recent years. His experience and expertise in the MSP/Integrator space has been a great resource. He provides tremendous insight and guidance, which in turn enables our leadership team to remain focused on our success. “

Mike Grande

President & CEO, TBNG Consulting

Brian’s vast knowledge of the Managed IT Service provider space is awesome. As a coach and mentor, Brian can help others ask the right questions of their businesses.  He always brings his experience and creativity to the table to share and helps his clients answer these questions. 

Jamie D'Agostino

CEO, Netology LLC

As a premise-based PBX vendor we saw the shift to the cloud and needed to change with it. Brian helped us regain focus and integrate new technologies into our portfolio allowing us to expand existing relationships and build new ones

Bill Parker

President , Tricom Systems



No two vCIO RampCamp programs are exactly alike.  Like every MSP while many of the foundational principles are standardized, there is an opportunity to put your own spin on the program.  We jointly develop a meeting methodolgy that works best for your unique MSP.

This is based on contiuous collaboration and communication.

Between meetings, tasks are assigned to help meet goals. The frequency of meetings and check-ins is usually agreed to in advance between the program leader and client, and is generally weekly with chat access in between meetings. Your program lead will help you stay on task and integrate a successful vCIO program that looks and feels like your company.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!