vCIOToolbox v1.4 September Feature Update – 2018

September Update 1.4

Our developers never really sleep, you should see our energy drink bill!  In this month’s vCIOToolbox September Feature Update we add some of the most requested features.  These include some big changes to our health scoring and reporting and other UI/UX asks.

At vCIOToolbox we are dedicated to a continual service improvement process and we deliver new features every 6-8 weeks to meet the needs of our user community.

If you wish to request a feature please do so by visiting our Support Portal or emailing support@vciotoolbox.com.  If you need some additional personalized training on our new features please contact your account manager to set up a training call.

This update includes the following updates.

  • Feature: Ability to present or hide IT review scores for each individual customer.  In each customer profile you have the ability to set whether scoring should be visible on reports.  Included in this update is a standalone IT Review score report and score integration with the IT Review and Full Report sets
  • Enhancement: Added a customer archive section for all customer reports in addition to the existing Global archive.  This section can be accessed within a customer review as an option on the “More” drop down menu item.
  • Enhancement: New users placing orders for vCIOToolbox from our order pages are now auto-provisioned for immediate application access.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug that was allowing access to  cloud.vciotoolbox.com on a non-SSL connection.  All traffic is now redirected to HTTPS access.
  • Enhancement – Various UI/UX enhancements