vCIOToolbox May Feature Update – 2018

May Feature Update 1.0


We are always working to improve our user experience and our vCIOToolbox June Feature Update includes features requested directly by our customers.  We release new features every 6-8 weeks to meet the needs of our user community.  If you would like to request a feature please do so by visiting our Support Page or emailing support@vciotoolbox.com.  If you need some additional one on one training on our new features please contact your account manager to set up a training call.

The following updates were applied:

  • Enhancement – Redesigned the Dashboard to provide greater global insight on all open assessments. Metrics added include
    • Top 5 customers with negative best practices
    • Top 5 customers with risks
    • Top 5 customers with vulnerabilities
    • Customers with unsatisfactory (low) overall report scores
      • The low score can be set ADMIN > SETTINGS > Limit to show customer as a low score.
      • Individual questions include weighting options to reduce the penalty for low-risk issues and increase the penalty for high-risk issues using a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high). The default value is 3 for all IT Review questions. Adjustments can be made within either the global or customer template(s) within each question.
    • Revenue Value – Recommendations
    • Recomendations – Quantity
    • Average Value – Recommendations
  • Feature – IT Review Scoring added (presently only for internal use, future versions will allow it to be included on customer reports)
    • Scoring is at the Total, Topic and Subtopic level
    • Leverages individual question weighting to apply the severity of penalty based on the question risk.
  • Feature – Added an append feature to move notes from Internal Review to the vCIO Review within an IT Review question to reduce duplicate effort.
  • Feature – Added a Save and New feature to move from one IT Review question to the next when recommendations are not being applied to reduce overall IT Review completion time.