vCIOToolbox Late January Release 1.5.2 – 2019

January Update 1.5.2

If you live here in New England you just enjoyed what is commonplace to us Nor’Easters, subzero weather followed 5 days later by weather in the low 60’s.

Just like the old saying here in our home state of CT, if you don’t like the weather its bound to change in a few moments.  vCIOToolbox believes in that mantra as well when it comes to enhancing the platform.

Need something new, just wait a few weeks.

vCIOToolbox’s late January Release brings you features that address our some additonal European support and significant enhancements to our Connectwise and Autotask integrations.

At vCIOToolbox we are dedicated to a continual service improvement process and we deliver new features every 6-8 weeks to meet the needs of our user community.

If you wish to request a feature please do so by visiting our Support Portal or emailing support@vciotoolbox.com.  If you need some additional personalized training on our new features please contact your account manager to set up a training call.

This update includes the following updates.

Feature: Autotask & Connectwise Integration enhancements

We have added the ability to better filter customers that are being ingested into the system.  Please the video below form more detail.

Feature: European Date Formatting

In our continued quest to bring the best MSP client strategy platform to the global community we have made our date formatting (and previously currency) available in the International Date Format.  This enhancement allows our friends across the pond and down under to bring amazing QBR and vCIO experiences to their clients from vCIOToolbox.  See the video below for more detail.