vCIOToolbox April 2019 Release 1.6

April Update 1.6

Spring has spring and so have a number of great enhancements to the vCIOPro experience.  We welcome the warming temperatures with some hot features to help you streamline your process and manage your team.

At vCIOToolbox we are dedicated to a continual service improvement process and we deliver new features every 6-8 weeks to meet the needs of our user community.

If you wish to request a feature please do so by visiting our Support Portal or emailing support@vciotoolbox.com.  If you need some additional personalized training on our new features please contact your account manager to set up a training call.

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This update includes the following updates.

Feature: Dashboard Filters by vCIO

You can now filter your dashboard view by each vCIO resource you have assigned to IT Reviews.  With the vCIO Filter you can review the entire program or drill down to the individual with a simple toglle.

Feature: Quick Customer Recommendation Acceptance 

Once a customer approves a recommendation you can update the opportunity and show within vCIOToolbox that this is a “Go” project or service.  We can approve the recommendation from within the recommendation itself within the IT Review or from the Recommendation Sequence screen.  Once marked approved it then adds and approval check-mark to that item in the Technology Road map for quick identification.


Feature: Email On boarding Templates to multiple client contacts

We have added the abiity to send on boarding reports to multiple client contacts and store their reports for review.  This also allows from Business Goals, Challenges and IT Goals to be submitted and recorded by each ocntact.

Enhancement: Template Multi-Select

We have made it easier to attach templates to a new client meeting.  Multi-select gives you the power to select multiple templates without leaving the template page.

 UI/UX: Customer Screen set to Default on “Active”

With many clients importing 1000’s of clients into the system we have  made it easier to find those you are already in process of reviewing.  We have set the customer screen default to “active” allowing all in program clients to be easily accessed.

Want to set up a new client?  No worries you can still filter on all imported states in addition to company name or email address.

UI/UX: One-click customer activation

With a simple click from the customer screen you can activate your clients and start adding templates.  This enhancement streamlines the customer activation process and lets you start your IT Reviews quickly and efficiently.