vCIOToolbox Release Updates

“Our development team lives on caffeine! Energy drinks, coffee, soda whatever it takes to give you the best client experience management platform in the industry.  Small but mighty, they are constantly reviewing your requests and innovating the platform. 

If you see them wandering the streets late at night in their vCIOToolbox PJ’s offer them a Cup ‘a Joe and a enhancement suggestion.  Once they refuel, they will take it back to the lab and start the process of seeing if it can become a reality.”


At vCIOToolbox, we are always at work to improve our user experience! We are dedicated to a continual service improvement process and we deliver new features every 6-8 weeks to meet the needs of our user community.

If you wish to request a feature please do so by visiting Support Portal or emailing support@vciotoolbox.com.  If you need some additional personalized training on our new features please contact your account manager to set up a training call.

vCIOToolbox v.1.7.2 Feature Update


  • Enhancement: Added PSA Ticcket numbers to the IT Review section
  • Enhancement: Added multi-select options to all goal and asset entry sections.
  • Enhancement: We have enlarged our visual indicators on the IT review for easier viewing.

vCIOToolbox v.1.7.1 Feature Update


  • Feature: Two Factor Authentication (US Only)

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vCIOToolbox v.1.7 Feature Update


  • Feature: Global Roadmap Summary Filters by vCIO.
  • Feature: Global Calendar vCIO Filter.
  • Feature: Multiple Customer statuses can now be imported into ConnectWise.
  • Enhancement: System Messaging.
  • UI/UX: Additional Visual Indicators for Engineer and vCIO Reviews.
  • Templates: New Template Library Additions
  • Enhancement: Renamed Customer Onboarding to Business Insights to better support the use case of the feature.
  • Enhancement: Renamed IT review question variables Vulnerability and Risk to Technology Vulnerability and Business Risk to better identify what is being evaluated in the question.
  • Enhancement: Updated character limit within template questions.

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vCIOToolbox v.1.6 Feature Update


  • Feature: Dashboard Filter by vCIO Resource.
  • Feature: Customer recommendation approval workflow.
  • Enhancement: Added Mutli-select function to the template chooser.
  • Feature: Send and store on boarding templates to multiple customer contacts.
  • UI/UX: We have set the Customer screen to default to “Active” and have added increase filtering capabilities.
  • UI/UX: Activate new clients with one-click.
  • Enhancement: Match your brand or clients brand colors in the report designer.
  • Enhancement: Added two-way sync to recieve updated status from your PSA platform. (Coming soon – synchronization of ticket numbers)
  • Enhancement: Added Currency options for South Africa (RAND) and Mexico (Peso) 

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vCIOToolbox v.1.5.2 Feature Update


  • Feature: Support for International Date Formatting
  • Feature: Enhanced filtering and data control capabilities for the Autotask and ConnectWise integrations.

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vCIOToolbox v.1.51 Feature Update


  • Feature: New Custom report designer allowing for greater control of the report output and better branding capabilities.

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vCIOToolbox v.1.5 Feature Update


  • Feature: Support for multiple global currencies
  • Feature: Added integration for Autotask PSA
  • Feature: Introducing Meeting Types and the ability to build multiple meeting reports simultaneously for a client

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vCIOToolbox v.1.4.1 Feature Update


  • Bug Fixes: Various Bug Fixes related to the Connectwise Integration.
  • Enhancement: Added additional data capture capabilities to the the Connectwise Integration.
  • Feature: We added the ability to export templates for a bulk update of question weights.



vCIOToolbox v.1.4 Feature update


This update includes the following updates.

  • Feature: Ability to present or hide IT review scores for each individual customer.
  • Enhancement: Added a customer archive section for all customer reports.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug that was allowing access to  cloud.vciotoolbox.com on a non-SSL connection.  All traffic is now redirected to HTTPS access.
  • Enhancement – Various UI/UX enhancements
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vCIOToolbox v.1.3 Feature Update

  • Dashboard Enhancement – New filters to support $0 recommendations
  • Bug Fix – Dashboard low score issue resolved.
  • Enhancement: Added customer dropdown menu
  • Enhancement: Maximum character limits have been added
  • Feature: Created a Customer Meeting View
  • Many more!

vCIOToolbox v.1.2 Feature Update


  • Bug Fix – Removed bug causing multiple question marks at the end of IT Review questions.
  • Feature – Drop-down menu enhancements
  • Feature – Custom Onboarding templates

vCIOToolbox v.1.1 Feature update


  • Enhancement – Redesigned the Dashboard to provide greater global insight on all open assessments. Metrics added include
  • Feature –  IT Review Scoring 
  • Feature – Added an append feature
  • Feature – Added a Save and New