vCIOToolbox December 2019 Update 1.8.1

December Update 1.8.1


This mini update focuses on a few bug fixes and additional enhancements to existing features.

  • Enhancement: We have changed the names of our meeting types from time based (QBR, Monthly, Weekly, etc.) to use case meeting types (Business Review, Discovery, Security  Assement, and others) . This enhancement will allow for easier grouping o templates for each use case and allow for additional independent surveys to be conducted while leveraging the common strategy dashboard, roadmap and recommendations.

Enhancement: Increased character limits within templates – Increased character limits within templates to accommodate longer questions.  The questions text field has been expanded from 255 to 1000 characters.

Feature: Customize report headings – We have added functionality within the report designer to allow you to modify all report headings and intorduction paragraphs as you see fit.