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Hi Mike,

Thank you for becoming part of the vCIOToolbox User community.  We look forward to providing you with the best platform for Client Experience Management (CEM) and helping you build stronger relationships with your clients and more profit back to your business.

Warm Regards,

Brian Doyle, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

How will I be billed?

vCIOToolbox is a monthly subscription with no long-term contracts. Your credit card will be billed monthly and for those that prefer to be billed on an annual basis, we offer a 5% discount.


What is included in the one-time setup fee?

We provide implementation services that include an onboarding manager, training, and access to vCIOToolbox University, We also provide weekly office hours and unlimited email support.


How do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time.  Just email cancel@vciotoolbox.com

vCIOToolbox vCIOPro BETA Conversion offer

Orig. $349/mo. - BETA community $179/mo.

Total Amount: $0.00

Recurring Total: $0.00/month

Purchase Summary


ACCOUNT TYPE:      vCIOPro 25 Monthly

BILLING:                   Monthly

PRICE:                        $179/MO.

ONE-TIME:               Waived

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