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Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfacation Survey tools

Feedback Made Easy

Easy to use CSAT and NPS surveys to get actionable insights from your clients. Net Promoter Score (NPS) goes beyond just identifying those that will promote your services. It can give you amazing insight that you can use for Leadership, Product, Marketing, and Customer success.

vCIOToolbox’s customer feedback surveys can be a great resource for getting a pulse on customer perception. With CSATPro you can easily send surveys easily and quickly. Use our one question surveys or build a series of questions to give you a deeper insight into your client relationship.


Get a Better View Into Your Customer Experience

How Leaders Benefit

The CSAT and NPS tools give your leadership the key performance indicators (KPI’s) they need to better forecast growth and customer churn. These KPI’s help us understand the overall health of their client base.

Provide Marketing Direction

Use these insights to help marketing build enhanced customer personas and generate more targeted marketing. Our feedback surveys can be modified for different types of customer verticals to help in developing appropriate marketing campaign messaging.

Drive Customer Success

Identify client problems earlier and reduce reactive customer relationship support. Use the KPI’s to build better business outcomes and drive customer loyalty.

Results Improve Product

Your service is your product. You can ask specific questions and receive customer feedback that can be invaluable in identifying your company’s strength and weaknesses. Use the results to build a plan for improved customer service

Promoters | Passives Detractors

Your NetPromoter Score is easy to calculate. Leverage your overall response rate to determine your NPS score. To get your score you take the percentage of promoters (your fans!) and subtract the percentage of detractors (those who may spread negative reviews).

This proven metric is a guide of future customer behavior. The results give you the data to make internal corrections and enhance the customer experience.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

Use of pre-built NPS and Customer Satisfaction surveys or build your own online surveys. We provide you with flexibility to ask the types of questions you want answered and receive valuable feedback from your clients. This feature gives you the ability to ask open ended questions that allow your customer to engage with the survey.


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Using vCIOToolbox gives me the confidence that I could support our recommendations, and answer my clients toughest questions. Our first QBR yielded a technology roadmap that included over $50K in new project opportunity.

Lou Ardolino, vCIO & Director of Operations, TBNG Consulting

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